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My Why...

Committed to Excellence

My kids are my driving force behind my "Why".  I work hard and fight some tough battles to help them find their way to optimal wellness.  I brought them into this world with a few strikes against their health. I had a bad diet, I did not value sleep, I was stressed out and over-scheduled most of my days leading up to my pregnancy.  I did not give them the nutrients they needed as breastfeeding did not fit into my stressed out daily schedule well.  They were both born via C-section and did not develop the immunity they needed to fight off infections and allergies.  When I look back at my lifestyle over 15 years ago I realize I am responsible for some of my girls' health issues and my hope is to help them find natural ways to control their symptoms and to find balance in their life.  


I am passionate and determined to not only help my children, but to help my family, friends and anyone that reaches out to me find a more energetic way to live life. My poor lifestyle choices and my children's health issues helped me find my passion at the age of 40.  My job as a Functional Health coach is to educate, motivate and inspire others as I continue to help people transform their lives and get fit from the inside out. 

Education and Courses:

  • BA in Biology from BGSU in 1996

  • Physical Therapy Certificate from Cleveland State University 1999

  • 2013 started virtual coaching with Team Beachbody, continue to coach daily with the rank of 2 Star Diamond.   I found my passion for helping people transform their life in more ways than just the physical 

  • In March of 2018 enrolled in an intensive 12 week training program: Functional Medicine for Physical Therapists.  I learned about root-cause medicine.  I learned how to dig deeper when looking for the source of an illness or diagnosis.  I learned how many symptoms I was seeing as a PT could be related to an underlying source of inflammation or overactive immune response. 

  • Fall 2018 enrolled in The Institute for Functional Health Coaching and began working with clients on-line and in the clinic for 1:1 health coaching consults.

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